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The Chilliwack community offers a wide array of service, food & drink, and retail businesses. And when asked to name your favorite restaurant, auto mechanic, jewelry store, dry cleaner or specialty shop, most almost always cite a unique local business. Just look at the recipients of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce’s “Business Excellence Awards” or the results of the Chilliwack Time’s “The Best of Chilliwack” Readers Choice Awards for proof. As a whole, Chilliwack consumers embrace the idea of distinctive businesses with local character but never forget…their survival depends on your patronage.

We’re asking you to …Care as a Consumer. How can you help and have a real impact on our community? Be a part of the Shop Local Chilliwack movement by celebrating independent business and shopping locally!

Show some local love! By getting involved and shopping with Shop Local Chilliwack members, you’re sending a message that you support our hometown businesses! On behalf of our members, thank you in advance for your interest and support. So … Buy local. Nothing spurs the economy more than when people are spending money, and spending your hard-earned dollars with local businesses is even better! We aren’t asking you to “Shop Local Only”but to “Think Local First.” Shift your spending habits to a more local slant, and remember to search Shop Local Chilliwack before making your buying decision.

And … Spread the word. Talk to your friends, family and neighbors. Tell them the Shop Local Chilliwack movement makes a difference, and encourage them to visit our website and directory. Ask your favorite local business to join, and if you visit a local business that you found in our directory, be sure to tell them so.

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